file formats

JPEG- best use for better quality photos.

TIFF-these are usallaly very large files.

RAW- this is usesally set to take high quality photos and explore the enviorment of the camera.

DNG- a better version of the raw format because it keep photos for years to come.

PNG- idealy used on the internet to load pages quicker.

GIF- used on the internet and allow for animations

BMP- these large files that are saved in color.

PSD- a file with multiple layers rather then just one layered image itself.

camera modes

automatic modes: This mode pretty much does everything for you it sets everything in place so all u have to do is take the picture.

Portrait mode: it sets your appeture for you and sometimes will set the flash off when the light is overshadowing somethings prime beauty.

marco mode: its a small mode that lets you take pictures more in focus such as flowers and insects.

landscape mode: the oppesite of portrait mode it sets a smaller appeture which helps caputure more wide and enjoyable moments.

sports mode: best for capturing moving objects or people in a clear shot.

night mode: its great for darker areas capturing the little details of the objects you are taking photos of.

movie mode: the oppesite of sports mode this is made for still objects things that can be captured in slow motion.its also great for videos.

av mode: this is a semi automatic mode that sets a few things for you it helps mounter the ios most tho.

tv mode: helps with the shutter mode which helps the speed you take the pictures.

program mode: this is an auto mode for beggeners who dont know how to control the camera.

manual mode: this is a mode where u have full control over the whole camrea and control everything.


I chose to take photos of this because I felt is was a beautiful place to explore. I love Taking and exploring photos that look like they would bring people in. I want my photos to drive people to want to explore the places ive been and the things ive seen. Have you ever wondered where something was or craved going there after seeing a simple photo of the place. That is how I want people to see my work I want it to inspire people. I want to have the experience of seeing my art up in frames or as a wallpaper. I never really understood the love for photography until tried it myself. The thoughts you have and the rush you get when you take a photo is amazing. Seeing art work from others inspired me to want to do more with my art. Seeing others inspire me to follow my dream made me want that. I understand now the constant love for art. Its a way to express yourself without saying anything. Its amazing how much one photo can tell u about a person. The nature means adventurous people are around. selfies can mean multiple things like love for them self confidents and many more. Then theirs those who take pictures of others. this could mean many different things depending on whats in the photo. like a picture or a girl with a man could be anything but if u add flowers u start to think about the relationship they have together. this is just a few examples of what photography can express to the world.